I’m in love with a stupid lying bitch and slut.

I went away for college and in the back of my head thought things would go sour. I stayed loyal though and came back and started mentioning her to my friends as the “one” what a fucking mistake turns out she had been texting another guy for a whole month while I was gone. I caught her cuz he txtn her while I was with her turns out they hanged out and watched a movie and they did nothing. Will I ever know the truth???? Idk but I’m helpless because I’m still in love with her and we had been dating for two years I don’t understand wtf happened and am one of the guys wondering is there any faitfhful girls out there who want a real relationship??? Oh and if u ever see this fuck you Karen I wish I could fucking torture you you stupid bitch you can eat shit and die u stupid whore. Yes she’s still my gf but what can I do I’m still attached somehow.